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Thread: Box trees

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    Default Box trees

    Why oh why are they so expensive. I want two box trees but cant aford nursery prices, any suggestions? Cuttings? ideas?


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    go round your local neighbourhood with your secateurs and chop a few bits off if you can find any, they root really easily, might take a while to get to a decent size though .... if you have no luck with finding them locally, drop me a pm and i can send you some cuttings, i have one that's due a serious haircut shortly

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    They're selling it cheap in Lidls at the moment.

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    I think the trees that have been shaped are expensive, as it can take a lot of work

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    I bought a pack of 6 (albeit small ones - 15cm) for 5 from Homebase and have seen them at B & Q a little bigger.
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