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Thread: All In Seed Circle 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squingy View Post
    Yes, please enlighten me how you guys don't agonise over what to sow every year with hundreds of seeds. It can't be all of you've got a plantation each to sow on!
    I sow much more than I need, then I choose by how good the plant looks. I give loads away. Even the delivery driver got plants last year

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    I should, hopefully, have hot pepper Anaheim, tomato Craigella, organic coriander slow bolt, mammoth dill and parsley Gigante di Napoli.

    Also rainbow quinoa, butternut squash, Squash Custard White, Pumpkin Jack be Little but no guarantees as plot is a bit away for isolating and pollinating and 1st time growing quinoa.
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