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Thread: Flower Seed Circle 2018 - Finished Parcel

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    You get one guess :)


    feel free to ignore me
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    Chrysanthemum Polar Star (not a lot sorry)
    Poppy, large, mixed
    Morning Glories, mixed
    Sorry the seeds are packed like a 2 year old but they're contained at least.
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    Flower Seed Circle 2018 - Finished Parcel-e7fdaf06-35d2-4b20-8652-cdc86ad20162.jpg
    Giant yellow scabious - stunning plants, though you need a huge spot, back of the border plant. It is straggly and unruly. Photo is not taken from my garden unfortunately...but if you have a sunny site to fill give it a go!

    Flower Seed Circle 2018 - Finished Parcel-548358b8-7c1b-4e65-97e2-19c70470b653.jpg
    Leucanthemum - also know as Shasta daisy. Again clump forming perennial and long lasting in a vase. Will keep flowering if you can keep up deadhead them. I've had these for several years and I'm not sure what variety they are but it's a great for the summer border - very easy from seed.
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