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Thread: The Tomato Seed Circle 2017

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    You get one guess :)


    Quote Originally Posted by MarkPelican View Post
    Another question about varieties from the 2017 swap. I've labelled these as Pink Bulgarian which came from the swap but when I look on the web, pink bulgarian are "just" a red/pink beefsteak. These have got the funny point on the end.

    I'm gradually getting more confused - I don't think I swapped labels but I made a mistake with Orange Banana & Jaune Flamme and my Yellow Gazzi are yellow plum ones (which doesn't make sense as they're supposed to be beefsteak and now the Pink Bulgarian ......

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    They're large, tasty but are they Pink Bulgarian?
    If they were my seeds then they are 'yellow gazzi egg' and small yellow plum is right. From HSL 'Gazzi Yellow Egg
    New for 2011. Dr Susan Arregger, an English botanist who has lived in Italy since 1963, bred this variety. It is an early variety and really needs a glasshouse to perform at its best. The small, yellow fruits have a distinctive egg shape (hence the name), delicious sweet flesh and acid juices.'
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    Quote Originally Posted by jackarmy View Post
    I sent in the Pink Bulgarian Mark . They are a gorgeous pink tom that look like a larger ( much ) and bulkier san mazano, at least thats what they looked like then.
    Apparently though, ive recently learned that potato leaved tome are likely to cross pollinate and i grew a few in the same gh last season so maybe .....?
    The picture was an early one and later ones are larger. I think they must be your pink Bulgarian, the colour of garden pearl but the shape of principe borghese on steroids 😀

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