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    When I originally searched the web I too came across "Mr Fearns" - I think they were mentioned on "the other side" as well.

    My Mr Ferns are purple flowered, make a standard green pod and have black seeds, -the spelling difference would suggest they're different in some way though - the Irish variety that I have (had!), is probably acclimatised to the cooler damp summers we generally get.

    I contacted Irish seed savers as well and they have none this year either, I'll just have to hope that the 10 seed (I recounted the other day!!) I have work out ok,(they are not all what I'd describe as A1 condition) and with a bit of luck I'll get enough seed to eat some of them next year.

    We won't go short of French beans to eat as I have some "Co Co" climbing french beans which are absolutely divine as well as a dwarf variety my parents grew for many a year and I thought I'd try Cobra as well.


    Jiving on down to the beach to see the blue and the gray, seems to be all and it's rosy-it's a beautiful day!

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    I've got a packet of these from the seed swap last night - I did assume they'd been collected by a Mr Fern rather than that being their name...

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