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    Lesley Jay is offline Early Fruiter
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    Sep 2005


    8 O' clock will be just fine Nick! Can't wait!!!!!

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    User Removed Guest


    Hi Nick, I know this post has been about for ages but I never got round to reading it. I think we have some of the yellow podded broad beans in cold storage in our american base (I think that they are called yellow long or something like that). I will have a look on our database in and hour or so and will tell you if I have some then

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    nick the grief's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Sunny Nunny, Warwickshire


    Cheers Adam, would be good if you have as I've drawn a blank everywhere else. I have tracked a Yellow podded mange tout pea down that sounds interesting though !
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    Southampton, nearly in the water (ok docks!)


    Fancy the purple mange tout peas myself. They'll go nicely with the purple climbing and dwarf french beans and the purple potatoes!!
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