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    Default Winter Warmer Borlotti Bean and Tomato Soup

    On Boxing day we went for a walk at Aldeburgh on the east coast a bit blustery and cold Aldeburgh was packed as usual so we drove to the Dolphin Pub in Thorpeness. As I sipped my cup of hot chocolate (Too cold for beer) I saw on the menu Borlotti Bean and Tomato Soup. TINK ! a light lit up I have got some dried Borlotti Beans in a jar in the kitchen so without a do I made the following.

    2-3 Handfulfuls of Borlotti Beans soaked overnight.
    6-8 Tomatoes.
    2-3 Cloves of Garlic
    A tin of peeled Tomatoes
    Vegtable Stock.

    Bring the Borlotti Beans to a simmer for about 20 minutes until tender.
    Place the tomatoes Garlic and the basil in a roasting tin roast @ 190C cover with olive oil until soft but mainly still whole.
    Once the beans are tender drain add the tomatoes including the tinned ones and the vegatable stock to make it more soup like bring up to heat pop a couple of bake your own rolls in the oven add large amounts of butter to the rolls and enjoy.

    This will warm the cocckles of your heart.

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    My Goodness, that sounds lovely! I shall make that tomorrow but will have to substitute thyme and dried basil as I have no fresh basil left.

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