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Thread: Using rocket in soup

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    Default Using rocket in soup

    Is there any recipes for using rocket in soup
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    I tend not to use a recipe for soup. Fry anything that you want to use up that benefits from frying (onions, peppers, etc.) then chop and add everything else (bar leaves), cover with stock, simmer until everything is cooked through, then add leaves either near the end (cabbage, kale, etc.) or wilt in after taking off the heat (spinach, rocket, etc.). Then blend if wished.

    I've only made bad soup once, when m teenage self overdid it on the lentils and it came out as more of a sludge than a soup (my Mum labelled it for the freezer as "Cowpat soup"). Lesson learned: don't overdo it on any individual ingredient!

    I think rocket would go well in most vegetable soups as many veggies benefit from a bit of a peppery kick.
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    I've used rocket in soups that had kale in it and it was lovely. It's a great way to use up gluts when you have too much. I'd use it more sparingly than kale though, as that flavour seems to cut through everything else if you have too much.

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