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Thread: Shungiku - cooking the chrysanthemums

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    Default Shungiku - cooking the chrysanthemums

    Those of you who have read my previous forum posts will know that I'm a traditional type of grower sticking to the tried and tested veg.

    This year I've just sown something that's a little bit off the mainstream.

    SHUNGIKU or Chrysanthemum Coronarium. Which is an edible chrysanthemum.

    The thing is I haven't got a clue how to use it. The instructions say its ideal for chopsuey greens but I don't really cook much American food except burgers so does anyone grow it or cook with it?

    Just after ideas for recipes and ways to use it.
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    I've grown it but didn't like the smell/taste - too overpowering.
    Can't give you recipes as it didn't get to that stage!

    Lots of recipes if you goggle
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