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Thread: Pickling book

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    Default Pickling book

    Does anyone know of a good book about pickling? Lots about not sure what one to buy as never done pickling before. Thank You.

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    Hi Maxine,

    I use Marguerite Pattens 3000 recipe cook book. It is a bit difficult to read beause the recipes are laid out in sections with an index at the end of each section but it has 86 pages of jams, pickles and chutneys with a bit about utensils and do's and dont's at the beginning of each piece.

    It is also a good general purpose recipe book if you can get past the indexing thing.

    Don't know how much it will cost but mine is very old and was £11.95

    Have fun with the pickling - it is very rewarding.

    A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot! (Thomas Edward Brown)

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    May 2006
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    The Perfect Pickle Book by David Mabey and David Colliston is a good buy. Although it was first published in 1994, I think it has been reissued. We have borrowed a copy from our local library, so that may be somewhere to try first.

    Also the Australian Women's Weekly series of cookbooks do one on jams, pickles and preserves.


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    Feb 2007


    WI book of jams and pickles, an oldie but a good'en

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