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Thread: Oaty Biscuits

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    Default Oaty Biscuits

    Okay, even I can't get this one wrong. Even though I had to adapt the recipie to what I had in my cupboard...

    Lined baking trays
    190 degrees

    120g rolled porridge oats
    50g sugar (or more if you want them sweeter)
    2 large dollops of butter
    2 medium eggs, whites only

    1) Melt butter
    2) Mix all ingredients together
    3) Dollop teaspoon sized amounts onto lined baking trays and spread thinner with spoon or fork.
    4) Cook for 15-20 mins
    5) Devour when cool enough

    Yes, my instuctions are very basic
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    Mmm.... nice one Shortie!

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