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Thread: Jus-Roll / Saxby

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    May 2007

    Default Jus-Roll / Saxby

    Not being able to get Saxby puff pastry anywhere I looked them up on the internet and got directed to the Jus Roll site. So I phoned Jus Roll who said that they had incorporated saxby within the one company and that they were using Saxby's recipe.

    I am sure there is a difference between Jus-Roll and the Saxby; has anyone else noticed he difference?
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    Why not make your own?

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    I remember making this at school, know the theory, but it was a fiddle. I don't really use it, so I can't comment on the makes, but its one of the few things I would buy rather than make.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rustylady View Post
    Why not make your own?
    well , its hands thing, and i can sympathise with anyone who will admit to being rubbish at making pastry.
    pastry needs to be kept cool at all stages of making, i have 'hot' hands, i cannot make decent pastry to save my life.
    the odd thing is, i don't like pastry, i try making it for others, but i do not like it.
    now, is it because i have hot hands that i can't make pastry? or, do i not like pastry because i have hot hands and can't make decent pastry?
    or could it be, that because i don't like pastry , I have developed hot hands that can't make pastry?

    and yes, it's monday, the bratz are out, and i have wine.....
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    Nicos's Avatar
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    My OH is closely related to Saxby's
    Tis the only pastry I buy out of choice. Interestingly I was looking for some to bring out to France to freeze- puff pastry is more than wonderful- and perfect for savory/sweet.
    Could I find any...???- really frustrated..when I'm next back in the UK will buy and compare- but previously it knocked spots off other makes....sweet/light/savoury and non stodgy....flipping typical..finger crossed eh??

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    Alison's Avatar
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    Warrington, Cheshire


    Make my own short crust pastry but puff is too much of a fag and I too resort to the Saxby's type stuff.

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    How about 'rough-puff', which is probably the easiest of such pastry types.
    6oz fat to 8oz flour (strong/bread flour is best). A little salt (generous pinch) unless you have definite 'views' against.
    Cut the fat into tiny cubes (about a quarter of an inch) and stir into the flour. Add a little water (about 3fl oz to 8oz flour) stir with a knife until mixed.
    Roll out, fold into 3 layers, Repeat roll-and-fold 3 times (with 10-20 mins rest in fridge between if poss) then use like any other 'puff' pastry. Warm hands make very little difference, and unless you are doing something REALLY fancy, it works pretty well!
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    Feb 2007


    I have really really cold hands most of the time now, and still struggle to make good pastry.
    Also find rubbing in the butter soooo painful

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