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Thread: I'm after a food mixer / stand mixer / whatever they're called and need advice

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    Default I'm after a food mixer / stand mixer / whatever they're called and need advice

    Keen to buy a food mixer but am totally and utterly boggled by all the different models. Kenwood alone has loads with so many different letters and numbers I can't work them all out.

    Usage will be baking in the main. For breadmaking, I make 2 kg of dough at a time, but wouldn't mind having the ability to do more. Not interested in one that comes with blender or food processor attachments as I already have dedicated gadgets for that. One that could take a pasta roller might prove popular with Mr Snoop and visitors. I don't want one that will cook either.

    I guess I'm after a sturdy machine with a decent motor that will last. But not too power hungry as we live off-grid. Up to 1000 W but would prefer not more than that.

    Can anyone give me any recommendations? Or suggest other factors that might determine my choice? Price isn't a big issue for this purchase, but would rather spend les than more!
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    We have a kitchen aid that we bought several years ago. We use mainly for bread plus biscuits, pancake mix sometimes. It’s fab, had no problems with it at all. Not cheap but has been worth it for us as we use every couple of days.
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    Kenwood Chef...

    We have my parents' cast-off. They got it as a wedding present and treated themselves to a new one for their Silver Wedding Anniversary...
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    I have a Kenwood Chef now, had a Kenwood Chef before that, and a Kitchen Aid before that. Kenwood definitely are stronger motors and I'd advise you get one with a motor as large as you can afford. Brilliant things - and lots of extras to buy with it!
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    I have a Kenwood Chef too - bought many years ago, specifically to slice apples for wine making. It was perfect for that - dropping quartered apples down the chute and they came out sliced and uniform thickness.
    It came with a Dough hook for making bread and a big mixing bowl, not a tiddly little thing.
    Lots of attachments were available, most of which are gathering dust in the cupboard - like a Wheat mill for grinding grain into flour.

    This is like mine 14.99 on the Bay
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    I love my Kenwood Chef so much that I have 3 of them two are the same as VC's link, the other is slightly newer but still uses the same attachments as the 901.
    My original one bought 40year ago stopped working while we were waiting for a the replacement motor to arrive spotted one for sale with a fair few attachments for 20, the 3rd one was a freebie that just needed a clean to get it working.
    I'd recommend one to anyone looking for a mixer.

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    I bake lots of cake...and they are all made with a handheld Kenwood mixer
    I hate those big thjnfs that sit on the worktop that you don't want to use cos it's a big clean up operation!

    How much will you use it? Is it just for bread dough and cake??
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    Kenwood chef, bought mine some 40+years ago and it’s till going strong. Did service in a coffee shop for several years when I made all the cakes. Not the cheapest I know.
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