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    Default Gluhwein / mulled wine recipes please

    Hoping to do a batch of hot wine for the bellringers when they congregate to keep the village awake later on tonight

    Has anyone got a good tried and tested recipe for Gluhwein or mulled wine?
    Hopefully not too fancy as the store cupboard is not extensive here!
    Whooops - now what are the dogs getting up to?

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    This one is nice Jeanied,from Delia

    2 bottles full bodied red wine
    1 orange studded with cloves
    2 cinnamon sticks
    4 oranges,sliced
    8 tbsp sugar
    nutmeg for grating
    2tbsp brandy.

    Put all ingredients into a suacepan with 1.2 litres of water,simmer until suger has dissolved, then keep at simmering point for 20 minutes.
    Bottle then reheat when needed.
    Its very nice

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