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Thread: Christmas food planning

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    Default Christmas food planning

    So everything is starting to take shape. All of Christmas lunch will be off the lottie bar the turkey, all cooked by yours truly. Father-in-law will probably be in the kitchen with me as he won't get a word inbetween Mrs G and the mother-in-law.

    Pots, snips, fartichokes, carrots, leeks, brussels, kale. Onions, garlic and herbs are being put in stuffings etc...

    Where I am struggling is a nice starter.

    I've done soups in the past, and that good old 70s stalwart prawn cocktail, smoked salmon etc, but I'm struggling to think of something light and different this year.

    What is everyone else doing? I need some inspiration!
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    If you fancy something completely different, try sliced cold smoked ham with a salad made of a tin of fruit cocktail, drained, then mixed with mayonnaise, salt and pepper. I know it sounds weird, but it's delicious, especially as a starter Swedish delicacy!

    Or... cooked beetroot mixed with apple, all cubed, mixed with mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Scrummy! Great with any cold meat too

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    Me, I've started doing dips and nibbles or bits of cured meats and cheese rather than a formal starter. Can go on as long as you want if things need a bit of extra time in the oven and people can eat as much or little as they want.
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    I had a similiar issue still haven't completely decided. Eggs seemed to be a main option for me

    quiche muffin
    a take on eggs benedict
    cloud egg, crisped bacon and tom.
    Mary Berrys's breaded and grilled halloumi
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    What about this. It could easily be dressed up as a starter.

    Or scallops and black pudding is lovely. Was considering this one for ourselves. But just found out the guy we get the hand divided scallops off is away. Back to the drawing board.

    Or you could dust off some of the old classics. Breaded deep fried Brie or stuffed mushrooms ( stuffing either Stilton or pate ) again breaded and fried.
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    I'm serving roast red peppers from a jar (cheap as chips in the ethnic aisle of Trashco but other shops sell them ) with crumbled Feta - went down well last year, so repeating it cos it's sooo easy to do

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    My Xmas favourites over the years are..
    -Slice of black pudding and cooked apple served on a bed of lettuce
    -wild mushrooms sautéed and served in a peppery, creamy sauce ...on a bed of lettuce
    -sautéed scallops served on sweet potato mash.

    Twiddly bits of rocket or finely chopped chilli as required!
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    Baked brie or camembert with fresh herbs, garlic shards etc shoved in top (some honey works well) could be good, if you fancy it you can make jerusalem artichoke crisps to put it on (v thinly sliced artichoke drizzled in oil and baked in oven)
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