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    Default Best way to store runner/french beans

    We are currently blanching our beans for 60-90 secs in boiling water and then refreshing them under cold water, drying and then freezing them; however they are still watery when re-heated either in boiling water or in the microwave. Antone out there have a better way of doing it?

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    I don't blanche them PCGreenthumb. I spread them on a tray, put in freezer til frozen, tip into a freezer bag and clip closed. They keep perfectly well and I cook them from frozen. Same for other vegetables. I believe some other Grapes do the same.

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    I don't blanch. Just prepare as if for cooking, put into portion sized plastic containers, or open freeze as Alice says. Much better texture on cooking than if you blanch.

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    Ah thanks for tips - I need to harvest again today! Will freeze them ready for cooking as I always believed you had to blanche first also.

    Jan A novice gardener - first year of growing

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