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Thread: Sweet stodge replacement recipe ideas please

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    Peanut butter blondies - video here

    - recipe here - towards the bottom of the page.

    Instead of flour the blondies are made with.........chick peas!
    Endless wonder.

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    I used to suffer bad with migraines, most I have had was 4 in one weekend, not fun
    since I have been doing the Keto way of eating though, they seem to of gone, (touch wood) not had one when i've been doing keto, since last summer I think

    Low carb, and High fat seems to suit me, I feel way better in general, also lost a couple of stone so thats a bonus, but I do keto to keep the migraines away, not for weight loss

    give it a try for a few weeks and see how you feel, lots of info on the web about how to start keto

    here is a recipe for an awesome no flour/sugar cake

    I use Mascarpone cheese, and stevia icing sugar for the frosting, didn't fancy what they put on it, its delicious though
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    A very easy dessert using high % black chocolate (no milk!) and egg

    Per person (in reality double this)...
    30 g good quality black chocolate
    1 egg

    Melt chocolate in large bowl
    Whisk egg whites until firm
    Stir egg yolks into chocolate then quickly stir in the fluffy egg whites.
    Leave in fridge until solid.

    Yes, it uses raw egg, but if fresh then they should be fine.

    (I made this with Lint chilli chocolate the other day too.)
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