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Thread: What to do with pumpkin flesh and seeds....

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    Mark_Riga is offline Tuber
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    Apr 2015
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    I'll try roasting some pumpkin seed next time the oven is on. I generally put them in the compost but not keen doing this as I think rats are quite partial to them. The comments to the article say roasted, they are OK to eat without shelling.

    I made a green thai curry with 1kg of a pumpkin which was/is very nice - but that still left me with 3/4 of it to freeze. So we have had curry now for 2 nights running and there is still plenty for tomorrow night. I've frozen several packs of pumpkin soup, given one away and still have a large one left. The variety, Muscade de Provance, stayed green but is very tasty nevertheless.
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    I love toasted pumpkin seeds - they go all crispy and crunchy and nutty in flavour. Delish! I think they're lovely crunched over a salad or on top of soup
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    Chestnut is offline Cropper
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    Sep 2016


    This year, I have tried 4 different soup recipes.
    All palatable, though I personally prefer pumpkin and ginger or spiced pumpkin over pumpkin and apple or pumpkin and nutmeg...

    Second was based on this, but thinned with stock rather than milk as I prefer it that way ;-)

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    bikermike is offline Cropper
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    Nov 2017
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    I have some roasted pumpkin seeds in my snack today. I roasted them in an oven at about 180C for too long (miscommunication - I shoved them in the empty top oven to dry and asked my wife to remove when she put the thing that was going in the top oven in. Instead, they got taken out when then thing in the top oven finished). I got away with it, they are just this side of burned and have a dark almost coffee-esque roasted taste.

    As a result, they are quite an intense flavour, and I'll try to roast them a bit less next time.

    but a definite recommendation to do them.

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