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Thread: Christmas Pudding Fail

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    I made plum puddings for the first time this year, I also used an old recipe of my mums, but it didn't have grated carrot in it, although I do remember mum saying they used carrot a lot in the war to replace sugar. I boiled all three puddings on our solid fuel stove for 8 hours, the recipe said 9 hours but they were definitely cooked after 8, we know this because we've already eaten one! Just had to make sure I wouldn't serve up a disaster on Christmas day! haha!
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    I also use an old recipe from my gran .It uses carrot and apple .It is very light using suet and breadcrumbs and no flour. It also steams for 8hrs then a further 2on Christmas Day. It has become very popular with friends and each year I seem to have to make more. Quite often I make little individual ones to have after a big Christmas meal but this year didn't bother with the one I brought with me to Dubai. I keep telling my daughter it's about time she took over making them but the excuse is there not as good as grannies!!

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    I find suet ones to be quite heavy after a rich Christmas dinner so the one I do is much lighter and goes down a treat with people - in fact I now get requests to make more for people so I'm not sure I want people to try it now! I tend to cook mine in the cook pot, fill the pot with water to about 3/4 of the way up the pudding bowl and then leave cooking overnight. Then on Wednesday I'll put it on for a few hours to warm up again before serving. If I do steam then it takes ages and you have to keep an eye on the water which is why I find the cookpot much easier.

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    Yeah, I was topping up the water every half hour with the steamer - a real pain. Should've just done it in the stew pot, but for some reason I thought the steamer would be better/easier. I may or may not make these again depending on people's reactions.

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    I used to cook them in the pressure cooker........many years ago though so can't remember how long they took to cook but it was quicker than steaming them.
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