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Thread: Green Tomato recipes

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    I just picked 12 lbs of green tomatoes. I'm now listing them on FreeCycle !
    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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    This is a great use for those people who have a lot of green tomatoes and a sweet tooth. It's scrummy.

    Green Tomato Jam (from Delia On Line)

    Green Tomato Jam as follows:-
    6lb green tomatoes (deskinned)
    2 lemons
    1 teaspoon citric acid
    6lb sugar (preserving works best)
    1. Slice tomatoes and place them in preserving pan.
    2. Warm lemons in microwave, squeeze juice and pour over tomatoes.
    3. Place peel and lemon pips in a muslin bag, tie and place in pan.
    4. Simmer until fruit is broken down.
    5. Meanwhile warm sugar in oven gas 110o c.
    6. Sterlize jars in the warm oven.
    7. Add warmed sugar to the pan, stir over minimum heat until all sugar is dissolved. Bring to the boil.
    8. Boil rapidly until setting point is reached (test in the normal way).
    9. Pour into the warmed jars, leave to cool, place waxed paper circle over top of jam, seal. Store in a cool place (preferably dark).
    Lasts for about 12 months if kept properly, Once opened I keep it in the fridge.
    Enjoy, delicious on plain scones or warmed new bread.

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    Default Fried green tomatoes

    The film of the same name (Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe) is a great one to view as well

    Ever since that wonderful movie with Jessica Tandy I've wondered about fried green tomatoes. People really eat green tomatoes? I recall being served fried tomatoes for breakfast while visiting London, but they weren't green. Curious as usual, we found some big green tomatoes at the farmer's market last weekend and just had to try them. The verdict at this house? Yum! What a great way to make use of end-of-the-season tomatoes.

    Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe
    3 medium, firm green tomatoes
    1/2 cup all-purpose flour
    1/4 cup milk
    2 beaten eggs
    2/3 cup fine dry bread crumbs or cornmeal
    1/4 cup olive oil
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1/4 teaspoon pepper
    1 Cut unpeeled tomatoes into 1/2 inch slices. Sprinkle slices with salt and pepper. Let tomato slices stand for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, place flour, milk, eggs, and bread crumbs in separate shallow dishes.
    2 Heat 2 Tbsp of olive oil in a skillet on medium heat. Dip tomato slices in milk, then flour, then eggs, then bread crumbs. In the skillet, fry half of the coated tomato slices at a time, for 4-6 minutes on each side or until brown. As you cook the rest of the tomatoes, add olive oil as needed. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

    Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe | Simply Recipes

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    Being a non-fat kind of neurotic, I just put my "fried" green tomatoes raw under the George Foreman to grill a nice brown colour.
    I'm sure they're nicer with a fried crispy coating though
    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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    Default Amazing soup!

    Went onto internet today to find recipes for Green Tomato's. Found the Soup recipe as above.... cooked it just....ABSOLUTLEY GORGEOUS!!!! A must make! Shame it only made enough for six and I'v ran out of toms! Roll on next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Two_Sheds View Post

    Tips on Sterilising Jars

    Properly-handled sterilised equipment will keep canned foods in good condition for years. Sterilising jars is the first step of preserving foods.

    Jars should be made from glass and free of any chips or cracks. To sterilise jars, wash jars and lids with hot, soapy water. Rinse well and arrange jars and lids open sides up, without touching, on a tray.
    Leave in a preheated 175 degree F oven for 25 mins. Or, boil the jars and lids in a large saucepan, covered with water, for 15 minutes.

    Use tongs (sterilise by dipping in boiling water) when handling the hot jars.

    As a rule, hot preserves go into hot jars and cold preserves go into cold jars. All items used in the process of making jams, jellies, and preserves must be clean. This includes any towels used, and especially your hands.
    Be mindful that boiling water will not kill botulism or a few other nasties so it is best to dry your jars in an oven at a minimum of 150C for 20 mins or so. It is best not to use anything to dry the inside of the jars or bottles as it can leave bits in the jars it is best to dry in the oven or if you have used sterilisation fluid drip dry.

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    This German recipe calls for green tomatoes ‘small enough to eat whole’, which means growing them deliberately and picking the clusters of small fruit while they are still green, firm and fresh. One of the best varieties to grow is the cherry tomato called Gardener’s Delight. This has the great advantage that the skins of the fruit are unlikely to split.

    This is an extraordinary pickle. Once you have tasted it you will never again forget that the tomato really is a fruit. It goes well with cheese, even better with pâtés and terrines.

    Makes about 5lb (2.2kg)

    5lb (2.25kg) green tomatoes, 1 inch (2.5cm) diameter maximum, stems removed
    2 pints (1.2 litres) malt vinegar
    6 cloves
    1 x 1 inch (2.5cm) cinnamon stick
    ½ small nutmeg or 2 blades mace)
    pinch salt
    1 lb sugar
    1 pint (600ml) white wine vinegar

    Place the tomatoes in a large pan with the malt vinegar. Stir very gently and bring to the boil, then strain immediately. (The malt vinegar can be thrown away or saved for making chutney.) Tip the tomatoes very carefully into a bowl, taking care not to split the skins.

    Boil the cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg or mace, salt and sugar with the wine vinegar in a separate pan, then pour hot over the tomatoes. Cover and leave for 24 hours.

    On the third day, heat the tomatoes and the liquid together, but do not boil. Lift out the tomatoes with a slotted spoon and pack them carefully into warmed jars. Throw out any that have accidentally split their skins because they will ruin the effect of the pickle.

    Reduce the liquid until it turns slightly syrupy, then strain off the spices and pour the cooling pickle over the tomatoes, making sure they are completely covered. Cover and store for 3 months before opening.

    If the skins do split, I don't bother discarding the fruits, I just remove the skins. Waste not, want not.


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    Marigold Express Fried Green Tomatoes

    1. Cut tomatoes into thickish slices
    2. Take a plastic bag and pour in a small amount of plain flour.
    3. Add salt and pepper to the flour.
    4. Dump tomatoes into flour.
    5. Twist bag and shake flour mixture until tomatoes are lightly coated.
    6. Fry tomatoes by taking them out of the flour mixture, tapping lightly, and placing them into hot left-over sausage grease.
    7. Turn when they are a golden brown colour.
    7. They are finished when the second side is golden brown.
    8. Salt and Pepper to taste.


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