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    Also don't fry at too high a temperature.

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    I think Polly F's advice is excellent.

    When I moved into this house some 11 years ago - it also co-incided with a long service award where I worked - quite generous actually - 300!

    I decided to spend the lot on cookware - from small pans, steamer, sauteurs etc. Yes it was stainless steel but as you might imagine - the highest up the range I could afford with that tidy bit of cash. The brand is Meyer - they're very heavy with polished outsides and satin insides. Sometimes stuff does stick but I cook with olive oil were oil/fat required and do find that this helps. I have also mainatined a wooden/plastic spoon/spatula regime since they were bought. Heavy handed use of metal tools will simply harm the cooking surface.

    They clean up great and are as good as the day I bought them and guaranteed for 25 years - which will probably see me out of my cooking days and my man-child can inherit. He has also been very good when using them and keeps to the chosen tools!

    I've never regretted spending such a huge amount on them as I've had my time of 20 quid sets. I still keep just one pan from the grotty set for boiling eggs and other tasks where a pan might get damaged from say acid if making chutney.
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