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    Steamed with custard. Yum
    I you'st to have a handle on the world .. but it BROKE!!

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    feed the birdies you'll feel much better for it like two sheds says no weight gain

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    Try crumbling it into some melted dark chocolate, press into swiss roll tin, chill and cut into slices when cool. Kind of like those things I remember making as a kid with melted chocolate and crumbled digestive biscuits. (Not great for the hips....)
    All at once I hear your voice
    And time just slips away
    Bonnie Raitt

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    It wasn't a rich fruit cake, just a cake with fruit in that had been left out and gone dry. I now find that my theiving 6mth old boxer pup has helped himself to half of it! The rest is going to the birds on the allotment. Thanks for all the ideas guys.

    Kirsty (and Lauren, off school poorly and reading over my shoulder!)
    Kirsty b xx

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