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Thread: Soggy carrots!

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    When i left school in 19hundred and frozen to death the large market garden used to grow 40 acres of carrots they was just starting to leave them in the ground over winter what they did was to go through the rows with a small ransome crawler with scufle tines on an just cover the top of the carrot with a thin layer of soil.
    In the spring when the carrots started to grow again dig them up with a adapted beet harvester and being as the carrots was fresh and used to wash nice and clean so there is no need to dig them and freeze them they will keep very well in the ground jacob

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    I was worried my small carrots would get got by the frost, or eaten by something .... next year I'll try leaving them in the ground longer. You learn by your mistakes ...
    Life may not be the party we hoped for but since we're here we might as well dance

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