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    I think a stir fry is a fine place to start.

    Add leaves added at the end, heating until they are just wilted.

    Bear in mind that these kinds of leaves do have quite a strong flavour - mustard, mizuna and co. - and this flavour will still be there when they are cooked. I would recommend starting with a little at a time and accustoming yourselves to the new flavours. Once you get used to them cooked you may find that they become more palatable to you raw.

    It's worth persevering - I was unsure when I first tasted some of the oriental greens but I now really appreciate their unusual flavours and they have helped me become more adventurous.

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    Thank you all for your great tips, the Vine is a really friendly place, I'll be back, as Arnie used to say. Merry Christmas all. I'll give some of these a try over the Christmas Holidays.

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