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    Laura 21 is offline Germinator
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    Jun 2012

    Default Lonely Leicester chicken needs good home.

    Hi all

    My aunt has had a pair of ex-batts for the last year. Unfortunately one died last week. She was eating and drinking but generally slowing down. She is survived by Ginger who is in good health, a good layer, lively, inquisitive and a great pet. Sadly Ginger has been left bewildered and lonely and is obviously missing bird company.

    My aunt is not in great health herself and doesn't feel she can get any new friends for Ginger.

    If anyone is able to give Ginger a good home we would be eternally grateful.

    We live in Leicester but willing to travel to bring her.

    Many thanks


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    RichmondHens is offline Early Fruiter
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    Mar 2009
    North Norfolk


    Did you find her a home?

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