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    Default Henhouse on ebay

    could someone have a look at this house on ebay and advise, I am going to get 4 hybred chickens when they arrive they will 5 to 10 weeks old. ry&hash=item2306eb4931"]

    or the item number is 150439938353 8 to 12 chicken house with red box around item advertised


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    Can you post the hhtp address again- I can't acces the link!
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    I had a look by using the item number in the search. It'd be ok for short term use for a few birds, but it'll be a red mite paradise with all those nooks and crannnies! I started with a similar one 2 years ago and quite honestly, it's had it now. Just be aware before you buy it that it'll need quite a lot of maintenance

    I also noticed that it's not a "Buy it now" so be prepared to pay a heck of a lot more than the starting price, someone will put in a high bid in the last few seconds to boost the final selling price up. Sorry if I'm sounding cynical but I've had it done to me more than once
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    my initial comments are as Maureen above - bt my main concern is how low it is to the ground. It looks barely 4" off which is just the right height for a rat to live under. I would prefer to raise the house further off the ground to avoid Reggie.

    We have houses here either raised or on the floor and the ones on the floor have the most interest to the rats.

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    Jul 2009
    On a Hill near Rhayader



    Now I like it, looks easy to access and as easy as any other to clean.

    As for mite it doesn't matter what you use the little blighters are a pain, you need to clean properly and spray for mite and treat the coop with creocote inside and out! even then you will still have mites - just not so may as to cause problems!

    As for Mikes height from the ground issue - it does need to be higher but you can always raise it up on a brick under each foot - if the birck is sturdy then the house still will be!
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    Jenny and Mike! wish you'd both have your own handles! confusing as heck sometimes

    My concerns with the one's bought off ebay is they don't seem to last too long(although this could be in large down to how some people look after them and some down to the quality)

    Whatever you decide, all the best and welcome to chookaholics anonymous!
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    Hey come one RT - its not consfusing at all, Mike is nice and kind and diplomatic and me well i'm a bitch

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    The roosting perches are lower than the nest-boxes, so the birds will sleep in the nest-boxes, and you will get sh*tty eggs.

    Unless you treat it well with Creocote, it will not last more than a couple of years.

    They are very lightweight and flimsy - made with very cheap timber.

    I do not think there is adequate ventilation in that particular model, although you could drill extra holes near the top of the walls.

    It's very similar to the one I paid 120 for when I first started 18 months ago. Personally, now I have one, I wouldn't give more than 50 for it!

    Sorry! Good luck with your search.
    All the best - Glutton 4 Punishment
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