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Thread: Has anyone used this?

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    Default Has anyone used this?

    If you've not used it, I'd be interested in your thoughts please.

    Red Stop Solution 50ml - Red Mite Control - Buy Online SPR Centre UK

    Chickens have become a bit of a disaster zone recently, they have turned into egg eating bar stewards. I've lost 10 to an otter ( got the little bugger on camera). We have a resident stoat making them nervous ( and potentially taking eggs, but no evidence).

    So it's time for some big changes
    Number of birds is being reduced permanently ( max 12 )
    They will be getting new housing
    Chicken House Large - Green Frog Designs
    With auto door open/close ( I can't get up early enough, think them being let out earlier than 6 would be good for them )
    They will be getting a bad weather shelter ( because they are to stupid to go into their house )
    And after my remaining 8 egg eating bar stewards have shuffled off this mortal coil, the pop hole from the orchard to the big wide world will be closed for ever ( unfair to close it when they are used to the extra freedom). But when it is closed, it will mean no more wall climbing chickens getting into my front garden, no more chickens walking round the perimeter of our field so they can go play on the road! Don't feel sorry for them being shut in the orchard it's about 20m X 20m.

    Think I will build them a swing as well. What else can I put in their for their entertainment?
    Already do the hanging up of veg. And I have some old fence posts laying in the orchard that I move so they can get to the bugs underneath ( I rescue any frog or toads that are under there ).

    Anyway after telling you my chickens life history, back to the original question. Do any of you know if that red spot solution works ?
    Thank you.
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    it does sound good on the surface,but,i have been patroling google,lots of peeps asking the same question,then i saw the following on one site,does make you think,also the mites will still bite the poor things,i would not use it after reading the following,

    never heard of it..... I would be suspicious.... especially since it has to do with the blood stream. Red mites wont be killed by that, they can go without blood for 2-3 months, kind of like a hibernation. treating them for red mite infestation requires strong chemicals that kill the mites. they have to be checked frequently
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