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Thread: Gapes/Worms

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    Default Gapes/Worms

    Afternoon, A couple of my hens that I took from the local rearing unit are head shaking/gurgling and sort of sneezing. Is this gapes or worms and if so what should I do?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Are they coughing? Are their eyes clear or cloudy, can you see any mucus? It could be a respiratory disease which appears when stressed (changing flocks). Have they got Rattley breathing, are they walking ok, are they thin, are they eating well. Can you give us more info? And perhaps a photo of the birds.

    This is worth a read
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    How old are they and how long have you had them?
    Are all the hens the same or are some OK?
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    Easy way to find out if it is gape worm (sounds very much like it is)-----feed all of them with flubenol (do it anyway) according to the instructions.
    Some years ago 2 of mine from 7 (straight from a breeder) had them, it took 2 days for them to stop gaping (the full dose was given for 7 days) they never got them again.
    Mind you, they are all on rainbow bridge now anyway.
    I found Gapeworm to be one of the easiest parasites to diagnose and cure.
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    Feed the soil, not the plants.
    (helps if you have cluckies)

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