The kids love them, and they're quite sweet - they seem to sit inside the coop half the time but as soon as you go into the garden they come out to see what you're up to. Very good natured too, in spite of being chased and picked up by an 18 month old and 6 year old most days, they've never so much as pecked anyone.
I need to sort out some sort of treadle feeder and nipple water thing so we could potentially go away for a few days - the coop came with a door opener which wasn't working (and wasn't mentioned by the seller - bonus) but I've cleaned it out, replaced the string and got it going so they get themselves up/put themselves to bed, but every night I put their feeder in the greenhouse to discourage any rodent attentions.
We've buried a load of roof tiles along the perimeter of the run to dissuade foxes, but in spite of backing on to woodland our local predators are quite disappointing - the kids found a fresh grey squirrel by the road last week, brought it home in a shoe box to bury it, but we were busy, so a freshly dead squirrel in an unsealed cardboard box sat in the garden for 4 days without being touched.
Perhaps our local huntsmen are exceedingly effective?