Well I completely underestimated how long it would take to build a coop & run I spent pretty much every hour of daylight out in the garden over the weekend and it's slowly getting there. Booked to collect my three hens this coming Sunday and there's still quite a bit to do so I've booked a day off work on Wednesday to try and get it finished in time.

The run is made up of fence posts spaced 3 feet apart, and is 9x6' in size. The coop is about 3.5' from the ground and is built between the posts in one corner, so measures about 3x3'. The coop walls extend down to the ground on the two outer edges so that the corner of the run that's under the coop is a bit more protected from wind and rain so the hens have somewhere to hide if the weather's naff, although the whole run is covered anyway so hopefully they should stay warm and dry.

I think I'm going to use some Easichick wood chip bedding in the coop. I'm now trying to think of what to put on the floor of the run. It's half concrete and half grass/dirt. Flyte So Fancy have hardwood chips that they say will last a lot longer than softwood, but to cover the floor of the run to their recommended depth of 2-3 inches will cost about £60 once or twice a year! Do I need to go to this depth if they have a covered dirt area to scratch about in?

Thanks all! I'm looking forward to getting my hens and posting some pictures up