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Thread: Heat lamp confusion

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    I’ve used all sorts, but i think it will depend upon volume, and budget.

    If you’re doing a 1 off hatching a standard red heat lamp is cheap, readily available and works, albeight needs checking and adjusting regularly.

    Ceramic bulbs are a bit more expensive, and will usually be an online purchase, and suffer the same adjustment issues, but dont interfere with sleeping patterns.

    Electric hens, are considerably more expensive, but are much easier to use, and imo lead to hardier birds, who feather out quicker. Obviously if you are doing a single hatch, or say once a year, it will be a decision as to whether the cost outweighs the benefit or not. If you are doing multiple hatches, definately get the ‘leccy hen. I think Brinsea do one, and their stuff is usually pretty much bullet proof!


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    I use a heat lamp - we also have reptiles and they aren’t suitable.
    So long as you can chain it up from the roof they are very good, you take them higher and use a thermometer as they feather up.
    I would seriously consider what you are doing though if it’s just for your daughter. There is always more boys than girls. One of my hatch was 9 boys from 10 eggs.if you want her to go the whole process I hope you make her watch while you dispatch them, they aren’t just cute and fluffy they crow and can become nasty....don’t think you can keep then and try to rehome them- they aren’t wanted and it’s not fair passing the buck. Remember that it is very difficult to know whether they are boys or girls, you have to keep for at least 6/8weeks unless they are auto sexing.
    Heat lamp confusion-169dd6ed-e3a8-47b3-a00a-420a1345723e.jpg
    Heat lamp confusion-5c4cb14f-3d6b-48a3-a88a-858a026048bf.jpg

    These lamps are more than adequate for several hatches per year.
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    We used an infra red heat lamp from pets at home with a bulb that they also sell. Worked a treat last year and this.

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