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Thread: Poor hen

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    Just a she getting on a bit?
    My light Sussex laid less often as she aged , but threw off double yolkers again , as she did when she first started laying.
    Hers were up to 110g too...ouch!
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    HI Nicos just seen this,she was got as POL this time last year,so along with the other 4 have not quite got to 1 year of egg laying,she looks really uncared for,but lively as the others now,when i put bits of grass through the wire,she is so quick with that beak hehe,will not be left out.
    I have another hen looks the same as she did at the vent,but certainly anything but remotly poorly,i am now wondering if it's she who layed that big egg and not the 1 that was ill,only because,she was in the nest box when i got 3 eggs out,so left her,went back over an hour later,she still in there,and the same color egg with blood streaks again,so i need to do some further investigating work,i need to know,which 1 of the hens it belongs to,so it's vent inspections,and get said hen into my investingation area,i need to get the bottom of things,pardon the pun hehe
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