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Thread: Getting Calcium Into Chickens?

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    How old is she? if she a consistant layer of softie eggs then usually its an indicator of an underlying problem and if she is fed properly then the problem is not usually calcium based unless shes old. Hens store calcium and once the store is depleated through age then they usually go off lay completley, occasionally one will continue to lay but will lay softies - this is actually a genetic deficiency in as much as the gene to end her laying has not "switched off"

    Lots of illnesses can cause softies too so if she is not that old then watch her to see if shes ok in herself, worm and de mite/louse her incase its a parisite load problem. If it doesn;t improve then you may need to readress the underlying casue!

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    She's just into her 2nd year & has been a great layer (our others are reaching the 4 year mark) She looks in great general health red comb etc glossy & rapidly becoming number one in the pecking order. She was slow around the park when she was trying to put an egg down but was back to her usual self when she got it out. Think she is over it touch wood we got one that looks like hers today big n brown.

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    my poor ex batts are laying eggs but one or two are half soft shelled, which I think someone said is the shock of moving?

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    Quote Originally Posted by petal View Post
    my poor ex batts are laying eggs but one or two are half soft shelled, which I think someone said is the shock of moving?
    Well, let's face it, it is a tremendous shock for them. I have heard of people whose Hens have died of shock on the journey home from the rescue centre. They'll soon rally, I would think. I find it amazing that they lay at all, but mine did too, even f it was only every 3 or 4 days. Bless 'em!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bramble-Poultry View Post
    calcium and soft eggs is covered in the sticky at the front page. link here:

    hopefully this may answer some questions
    Thank you for the information it was very helpful and I appreciate the knowledge you have given

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