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    Muriel is offline Seedling
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    Nov 2005
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    Default Worried about my plot

    I'm worried about my plot as I haven't been able to get down there as much, due to been busy and then when i'm not its either too cold or very wet. I'm hoping I don't lose my plot as I love been down there. i have done alot since i took on the plot, although the weeds had come back.

    Will the council take the plot off me.

    Many thanks


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    Jun 2006
    Warrington, Cheshire


    Do your committee or the council do inspections at a particular time of year? For example, the parish council inspect ours in April each year (or that's what I was told when I asked) so I need to make sure mine's looking fairly active by then (not sure if it's the start or end of the month which is a shame as it means I might not be able to make use of Easter!)

    May also be worth trying to speak to some of the other plot holders to get an idea of the state of play. And, if after all this, you're still worried then I'd probably contact the council explaining why you've not been down there much and what your plans are for next year. I always find it best to get in there first but you could well be worrying for no reason - diffcult to judge without knowing your site or seeing your plot.

    Some of us live in the past, always talking about back then. Some of us live in the future, always planning what we are going to do. And, then there are those, who neither look behind or ahead, but just enjoy the moment of right now.

    Which one are you and is it how you want to be?

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    kernowyon's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Woking, Surrey


    I have not been to mine for two weeks either, get yourself plenty of cardboard or some supressing membrane etc and put that down, it will kill off the weeds and prevent more from growing.

    our site gives a bit of leeway in the winter, as long as it looks like you are doing something you should be ok
    Kernow rag nevra

    Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.
    Bob Dylan

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    Snadger's Avatar
    Snadger is online now Dundiggin
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    Aug 2006
    Durham. Pink Panther territory


    OK I've just put my Hon Sec's head on

    Our committee ARE concerned when plotholders don't frequent their allotments even if they are well tended. The reason being is that some plotholders have a couple of weekends in the Autumn digging over there plot.........are never seen agin until April and think that because it looks reasonably tidy for about three/four months until weeds start growing that they have fulfilled their obligations.
    I visit my plot every day because I have chooks. About three quarters of the plot holders are retired and also visit their plot every day.
    With retired and chook men making up about 90% of the plot holders anyone who doesn't visit their plot AT LEAST once per fortnight is frowned upon.
    After all, when you get a plot (especially in an area with a long waiting list) you have to make a committment and making an appearance only once a month without mitigating circumstances is not really fair on the others on the waiting list!
    My Majesty made for him a garden anew in order
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    Diversify & prosper

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    Hans Mum's Avatar
    Hans Mum is offline Early Fruiter
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    Oct 2006


    communication........tell the people in charge that youve had some problems & that you will get things sorted asap.....theres nothing wrong with that & at least they'll know youre still interested in your plot & as snadger said try and show your face in the near future even if its just to peruse your plot and have a cuppa, hope your back on track soon
    The love of gardening is a seed once sown never dies ...

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    jackie j's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    newton abbot devon


    I try to pop down to my plot every couple of days. Sometimes just to make sure everything is ok, other times to do something. Trouble is I very rarely see anyone else so how do they know if I have visited or not. What work I have done is not always obvious.

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    Two_Sheds's Avatar
    Two_Sheds is offline Compost Everything...
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    Jan 2007
    windy east coast, sandy soil


    You should be visiting your plot frequently, even if only to make sure the roof is still on your shed.
    Haven't you got crops in the ground? Or didn't you get round to planting any?
    You won't be digging in this horrible cold wet weather, but just pop up there and show your face
    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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    where2start is offline Sprouter
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    Nov 2008
    Falkland Islands


    We don't have allotments here in the FI, but i am just wondering (whilst drinking coffee at 5:30 in the morning!) is there like a register for plot holders?

    Like sign a book or something when you call into the plot?

    Sorry only passing the morning away before getting ready for work!

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