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    Default what type of greenhouse to get???

    Hi there

    This is my first spring attempting to grow my own veg, so far so good! Ive sown far too many seeds in one go. didnt realise had to stagger the sowing till now
    getting the hang of this potting on thing just hope can keep it going. find it soooo relaxing and rewarding after work.

    I have a small plastic 4 tier mini greenhouse which has been useful but already outgrown it so now looking to get a glass greenhouse for top of garden, trouble is what type and what budget!!

    Ive been looking on websites at new ones roughly a 6 x 8 im thinking because dont want it too small too what would be a rough guideline price for a beginner to fork out, dont want to get ripped off I have not got a clue what i should look for.

    any advise would be appreciated?


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    Get a Free One! Swansea-Freecycle : Swansea_Freecycle

    As big as you can get/afford. Have a snoop round the old threads, there are loads on greenhouses. Use the Search button, top right of page.
    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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