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Thread: What to grow in October?

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    Question What to grow in October?

    I am a total newbie to allotments ( Grown a few bits and bobs in my garden before) but I am inheriting one at the end of September and it should be in good quality

    I was just wandering if there was anything I could sow in early October to keep me ticking over till next year so it is not just stood there

    thanks in advance

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    Garlic, giant garlic and overwintering onion sets. Depending on where you are, over wintering broad beans may be worth a shot. Your local GC may have a few spring cabbage plants or plugs available, pot those on and plant out as soon as you've got some space ready.
    you could also plant up some fruit bushes, black/red/white currants, rasps, gooseberries or rhubarb.
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    Hello Robbo & welcome to the Jungle:
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