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Thread: Overwintering Chilli's

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    Default Overwintering Chilli's

    Hey guys,

    So I bought a bunch of chilli's in the end of season sale last year and none of them got big enough to produce chilli's. I bought them thinking that I could overwinter them but was probably a bit ambitious as I wasn't really sure how to do this. Anyway I cut them all right back. All was looking good one even looked like it had new growth but suddenly they all seem to have died in the last month. They look very twig like so I've given them a water but it's possibly too late.. Any advice or what I can do better next time? Seems a shame to have lost them all but I've got 9 more growing so far this year

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    Hello and welcome to the vine!

    Depending on how much time you have this is worth a read

    Overwintering chillies is very hit and miss. Some varieties over winter fine others do exactly as you have described.
    Some chillies aren't worth trying to keep over the winter IMO. If they give a good crop in the first year it's generally wiser to sow fresh the following year. I overwinter varieties that are a little slow to start so give a better crop
    In the second year. I love habaneros, their second year generally produces a huge crop compared to their first and they are easy plants to overwinter.

    What variety died? What chillies are you growing this year?
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    Well I think in total I had about 8 varieties that died I can't remember all of them but there was Bolivian rainbow, pequin, hot banana, Thai dragon, purple serano not 100% sure of the others I bought them as plugs though because my seed ones were doing very little!

    This year I've got from seed red cayenne and fish chilli (did sow choc habanero but no signs) and I've got plugs of orange habanero and Jalapeņo. I absolutely love chilli's but found them one of the trickier things to grow last year (I'm very much an enthusiastic newbie).

    Any general chilli hints and tips are much appreciated. That's good to know that its probably not worth it! Won't buy so many at the end of season again but its good to learn. My friend actually has a Jalapeņo that is now 4 years old and is going strong its already got loads of chilli's on it this year!

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