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Thread: Growing veggies in pots

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    brianm1973 is offline Germinator
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    Apr 2011

    Default Growing veggies in pots

    I'm trying to grow my own veggies for the first time, so i'm a complete novice.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, so here goes with the silly questions!!

    I've got myself a small 4 tier plastic greenhouse, so far i've planted lettuce (iceberg) which have started quite well, courgettes which seem to be flying, sweetcorn which have started quite well, tomato's that haven't gone as well as i'd have hoped, although i do have some in the house that are doing ok. I've also got some carrots and onions in fairly big pots that i had from my brother who had planted from seed.

    My question is, what is the best way forward with these?

    I was thinking of putting the lettuce in a growbag, maybe 4 to a bag?
    Courgettes in a fairly big pot, 1 to a pot?
    Would the tomatoes work in a hanging basket?
    Sweetcorn in a growbag? How many would you plant to a bag?
    Should i leave the carrots in pots? They seem to be going quite well.
    The onion's look like weeds!! How should they look?

    Sorry for the long winded post, and silly questions, but i'd hate to lose everything now.

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    selfraising's Avatar
    selfraising is offline Early Fruiter
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    Jan 2009
    Farnham, Surrey


    Hi there and welcome. I also grow quite a bit in pots but also have some raised beds. I too use mini greenhouses.
    I sow the tomatoes indoors in propagators on the windowsills as it is a bit cold for them to germinate in the ghs, the same with peppers.
    The lettuce should be fine in the grow bag and I would be tempted to put 6 in but then I always squeeze a bit more in Tomatoes will grow well in hanging baskets but it depends on the variety. I grow most of mine in growbags or pots. If you are short of space, you could grow one tomato plant in a pot in the mini gh by taking all the shelving out which is what I will be doing with some of mine this year but don't plant them out until they have been hardened off and the risk of frost has gone.
    The courgettes should be fine in a large pot.
    I would think the growbags would be too shallow for the sweetcorn, they produce quite deep roots and they may topple over. I have previously grown them in an old dustbin or a similar quite deep pot would be good
    AKA Angie

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    Chitfaced's Avatar
    Chitfaced is offline Sprouter
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    Apr 2011
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    Hi There

    I'm a novice too but from what i know so far:

    Lettuce, can grow easily in pots - I would probably go with many pots rather than a growbag as you can move them around more easily.

    My courgettes (I have two) are going well in the garden even though I'll need to be careful of frosts now. Space them about 50-60cm apart.

    I think tomatoes work very well in hanging baskets. My Mum is experienced and she does this with cherry toms.

    I have carrots in pots although some I started indoors to compare with.

    That's all I think I can help with but there are photos on my blog if you're interested.

    Best of luck
    Visit my blog if you dare!

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    susieq100 is offline Cropper
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    May 2007
    Sunny Stoke-on-Trent


    Tumbling Tom tomatoes work brilliantly in hanging baskets - I did those last year. Big orange 1 buckets from B&Q - got OH to drill some holes in the bottom and grew gherkins and mini cukes in those, up a little wigwam. Sweetcorn are very 'rooty' - they need to be in the ground really unless you are going to grow them in something like a potato planter. Good luck!

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    Hillwalker is offline Sprouter
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    Mar 2011
    North Lincolnshire


    There's plenty of advice on growing sweetcorn in containers, but as others have said they have to be large which could be expensive. Your best bet would be one of the larger sized patio/potato planters or you might want to give one of these a try: GARDEN COMPOST CLEAN UP BAG, heavy duty, 600mm X 460mm | eBay UK - Good depth and nice and wide for stability. Unless it's permeable, would need drainage holes.

    They used to have a 750mm tall version: GARDEN COMPOST CLEAN UP BAG, heavy duty, 660mm X 750mm on eBay (end time 06-Apr-11 10:26:31 BST)

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    iGrowVeg is offline Seedling
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    Jun 2009


    If you mean spring onions, they look like blades of grass when they first start growing and are easy to miss unless you look closely. They are good sown with carrots as the onion smell is supposed to keep away the carrot fly and both veggies are quite slow growers so work well in the same pot.

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    Minerva is offline Seedling
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    Aug 2008


    I grow courgettes in a large bucket (1 per bucket) and get a decent crop. In the hot weather they can dry out easily so they need frequent watering.

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    Potstubsdustbins's Avatar
    Potstubsdustbins is offline Gardening Guru
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    Jan 2011


    Hi Brian and welcome to the vine.

    I do all my growing in containers of some sort and will post some pics that may help with ideas.

    Just one point don't go buying buckets I used to but now prefer the Morrisons black pots they are about the same size and 8 for 1.

    Pic 1 shows new spuds in those pots + a left over bucket, behind are 2 recycled plastic water tanks holding main crop spuds. I also grow spuds in plastic dustbins.

    Pic 2 shows my peas in 2 self made raised wooden boxes.

    Pics 3 shows main crop onions in a cut down water tank.

    More to follow when I can find them.

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