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    Default Broad bean help.

    I started off my broad beans in modules earlier in the year and then planted them out as the weather started to pick up.

    The only thing is I think I've planted them too close together! They're maybe 4 - 5 inches apart where the instructions called for 9 - 10 inches.

    The plants look health enough and don't look like they're being held back. Should I dig up and replant every other plant to give more space?

    On a side note I have a pea net supported by canes in the middle of the double row, is this sufficient for support or should each plant be tied to its own individual cane?


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    Not sure about replanting them but for support I just had four canes in the corners and tied some twine around these. They don't climd like french or runners and seem to be fine without much help. The string and cane are mostly to tidy them up a bit (im also a fan of Heath Robinson so use knotted string wherever I can)

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    Are they on 4-5" square or in the row? If row what gap? Any chance of a photograph? I would not dig them up if they have established themselves.
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    I always plant mine about 6" apart and they're fine, they support each other pretty much although I do often put a string round the outside to hold them basically together. I certainly wouldn't move them now unless they were looking unwell.

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    If they are in a row, you could encourage every other one to grow forwards and the others backwards at about 60 degrees - like in an open V shape?

    they'd need some support horizontally along the row - but that would give them more top space to grow???
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