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    Default Another Sweet Pepper question

    My first pepper plants died and I bought 3 new ones a few weeks ago, they are growing fine now the weather has warmed up but I'm at a loss as to what to do with them.

    They are tied to stakes but do I train them to grow up something ?
    Do I remove new lower shoots that are appearing ?
    Do I have to pinch the tops out, they seem to have several little buds on each stem.

    Sorry for so many questions, but have searched and looked through my books and haven't found the answers.

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    I only support my peppers if they look like the need it, they don't grow tall like vine tomatoes and don't need training over anything. Some people pinch the tops out to make the plants more bushy but having done an experiment I've not found it makes much difference. You don't need to remove any leaves or anything at all unless they are diseased, just remove any slugs from the area and feed weekly. By the way, the buds may well be flower buds which is always exciting.

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