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Thread: Willow cuttings

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    Poke them in the ground about 10-12 ins deep and they will root easily. The stems make good plant supports but need to be dried for about year or they will root. They won’t compost easily or burn and it is the only thing I take to the tip!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Norfolkgrey View Post
    I have bought ebay bundles that look like that. The yellow and the green root better and are more prolific than the red and the black. The twisted willow I bought of ebay was a complete flop. How many cuttings were you after? If you can wait till tomorrow I can check my willow bed and see what has made it and send you some if you want
    That's very kind of you NG but I have already ordered some. I'll let you know how I get on and may come begging at a later date if they don't work out.
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    Och its too late as you already ordered but you could create similiar effect with Dogwood.Willow is so invasive
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    I grew some and got 100% success as well. One bit of advice - make sure you plant them the right way up. I know someone who didn't.
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    I got about 20 pencil thick, 12" long sized willow cuttings 2 years past. 100% result.

    Put down weed membrane. Then big screwdriver straight into the soil. Popped in the stick (Right way up) and a gentle heel in.

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