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Thread: What order should I tackle jobs in on my new plot?

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    I find mulch, mulch and more mulch, it's early days.
    In a nutshell, if you want no dig, then I think you need obtain/make as much compost as you can obtain or dig.

    5 years ago, I obtained mine in March and I rotavated the entire lot, everything including horse tail, bindweed and couch grass and countless other perennial weeds. It was completely overgrown and hadn't been used for over 20 years for growing, it had been a builders dumping area in between that.
    I made the decision to rotavate as I was eager to grow and the season was upon me, I thought I could manage the immense newly chopped weeds as the came up and oh my word, they grew and I was able to cultivate some produce, mostly potatoes, jerusalem artichokes, courgette and squash.

    If I'd obtained my plot in Nov/Dec, then I'd have probably have done the same.
    In hindsight though, cover it up in as much free cardboard as you can find, it's everywhere. Aim for large pieces of brown cardboard, loads of it. Small pieces blow away, if you have small pieces, put then under big pieces and use cardboard that's not coated in waterproofing/plastic and harmful inks.
    If you have a nearby industrial estate, they'll gladly give you as much as you want, its a pain for them to get rid of. Layer it as much as you want, more the better, it rots quickly.
    You've got another few months to think about what you want to do, but as baldy say's, don't panic.
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    "How much soil so you have around your trees?"

    None, just mow right up to them, but not too often as you can see. A picture of katy from a couple of years ago. An early apple that doesn't keep very well but is very nice.

    What order should I tackle jobs in on my new plot?-katy.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chestnut View Post
    I haven’t planted any fruit trees yet, but I have been browsing websites trying to decide what to plant!

    Our allotment site has a height limit for trees, so we don’t shade other plots too much, so I have only been looking at trees on dwarfing rootstocks. It seems that many of these will begin to produce fruit 1-3 years after planting, which is why they are often used for commercial orchards (as well as not need ing high ladders to harvest).

    The advantage of planting now is that it gives you ‘cultivated area’ but less time spent harvesting for the first couple of years. Hopefully by then your little ones will be a bit more effective at ‘helping’ at harvest time ;-)
    Thanks Chestnut, that's really useful to know about the time to yields for dwarf trees. Might go for a couple I think!
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