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Thread: Escaping bulbs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark_Riga View Post
    Its probably just physics, if the upward thrust of the roots is greater than the friction force of the compost holding the bulbs in, then the bulbs will move upwards, otherwise, the roots would move down. Happens to me with onion sets sometimes.
    Thanks for your reply. I think I was a bit 'wimpy' in planting the bulbs - more like pressing them into the soil firmly rather than planting.

    However....I did replant and also did all the stuff suggested above - wrapping in bubblewrap etc and am pleased to say that it appears to have worked!

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    Oct 2018

    Default Update on Escaping bulbs

    Many thanks for all your suggestions - they all seemed to have helped.

    In much that my narcissi 'Paperwhite' originally intended as Christmas gifts, are now in the process of blooming beautifully. I was a bit worried as I didn't plant them till mid October, so perhaps, next year I'll leave it until November to plant them. On the upside my house smells wonderful.

    My hyacinths are growing rather more sedately, variety Woodstock are looking really good - all three bulbs at the same height and have started to green up. Variety City of Haarlem are less good but all have shoots, although not as good as Woodstock. I can see Woodstock being given as a gift - but I may have to keep Haarlem - at least (hopefully), I'll have something that smells nice, to replace my Paperwhite, once they have finished blooming.
    Thanks to all
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