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Thread: A Chromosome Change

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chestnut View Post
    If you get heart shaped tomatoes, you should try to save seeds and continue the gene line. Iím sure you could sell them at a premium if you marketed them at folks cooking a special meal for their beloved ;-)
    I've had a few meals like that
    First - tear heart to shreds then run through a blender just to make sure
    But yeah, keep the seeds and who knows you might have a new tomato variety.

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    New to this growing lark.... but it’s just a tomatoe surely?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Logunner View Post
    New to this growing lark.... but itís just a tomatoe surely?
    JUST a tomato. There ain't no such thing. . Yes there are JUST supermarket tomatoes but ones you've grown yourself they're something else, particularly when they do something unexpected.
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    Well, disappointing news with the new seedling. After a week, the long linear/lanceolate leaves have now changed to Potato Leaves. So what was, isn't, but I'll get a new tomato variety out of it, as the regular leaf is now potato leaf and a possibility of fruit changes too.
    I love growing tomatoes.

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