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    Sep 2016


    Hi Dread,
    Herbs are a great idea. Always handy when you’re cooking, and fresher/cheaper than shop bought.
    If you have enough pots/space, then mixed salad leaves is another idea. Best to sow a new batch every few weeks, so that when one lot is ready to retire, the next batch is ready to pick. Fresher, tastier and crisper than the bags of ready washed/chlorinated stuff in the shops ;-)

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    Dread is offline Germinator
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    Jun 2018


    I actually already have a pack of mixed salad seeds, I just couldnít sow them as I ran out of pots. Iíll be sowing them as soon as I get chance to get some more.

    4 shoots of basil have appeared this morning. Still no movement in any of the other pots though.

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