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    Quote Originally Posted by Wonky View Post
    I guess it is obvious to think of how big they will grow to and space out accordingly!
    doesn't work with everything though, eg broccoli
    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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    So true, I get 8 calabrese to a square mtr, but the old PSB goes in my tattie dustbins after harvest 1 per dustbin.


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    You could also try what I do. Take all the shelving out of the greenhouses and put a pot with a tomato in each, which means you could use the growbags for something else or more tomatoes!

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    I have grown tomatoes in growbags for a few years and was never impressed by them. Shaking half the contents of the growbag down a bit and folding the excess bag underneath (to make it shorter but thicker, iykwim!) and then putting 2 plants per bag in worked better last year, but this year I'm just gonna skip the growbag and plant in planting bags (from poundland) or cheap buckets.

    Your hanging basket would make a a nice home for some trailing tomatoes, strawberries, nasturiums or trailing beans (is there such a thing? I thought I saw such seeds, but perhaps not...)

    For some reason I always plants lots of peas and beans in pots and have not really succeeded apart from the odd munch straight from the plant but I intend to do better this year!

    Container gardening this year, bring on the Spring!

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