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    Default Dried broad beans?

    I dry broad beans of favoured varieties to plant the following year.

    I eat them boiled fresh from the pod.

    My surplus I freeze, but I was wondering, can I save them in dried form and just soak them before boiling? If so are they very inferior to fresh or frozen beans?

    Your comments appreciated!
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    Never tried it (yet?) This could be the subject for another of our Grapevine Horticultural Experimental Hi-jinxes mebbe?
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    Well, in Mexico we actually eat them dry. Cook them like beans, they are great for soup, as a filling for "sopes" (just make them as refried beans), and as a snack fried with chilli flakes and lime they're great! The flavour is of course very different to that of fresh broadies, but still very nice.

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