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Thread: Forage of the Month - a Challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
    Who is currently collecting Blackberries and Elderberries, or rosehips and hawberries for that matter? We are also entering the season of the mushroom (mmm... porcini) for all those experienced in gathering....
    The blackberries round here finished mid August - far too dry for them to last, but I collected a lovely lot mid July. And this year I saw very little elder flowers and have seen no berries worth collecting.

    Today I did get about one and a half pounds of wild damsons, but these are also not very abundant this year, and they were quite small, I de-stoned them with the cherry stoner. Lovely flavour though - made a crumble with them.

    Also got a few apples from a tree gone wild in a nearby spinney. Again lack of rain since April has left them very small and I only got enough to freeze a couple of pounds.

    I don't collect rosehips 'cos I'm not really sure what to make with them, apart from syrup, which doesn't seem worth all the effort involved. (And brings back childhood memories of Delrosa )
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    Someone beat me to my damson haunt, picked enough to add to my sloe gin for a slightly sweeter flavour though.
    I'm still picking Elderberry, roughly 2-3 doggie bags a week, mainly from sheltered spots now out of the wind. Along canal sides is still a good spot to find them.
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