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Thread: Gluts Gluts Glorious Gluts! What do you plan to do with all your excess produce this

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    Or... make lots of people happy and just give it away. I took loads of courgettes into work last year, friends loved it, oh, and I swapped a big bag of show vege for babysitting!!!
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    I purposely grow masses of tomatoes in order to have a glut. We eat so many of them as a family through the winter in soups, pasta sauces, casseroles etc, that I try to bottle/jar/can as many as possible. I also try hard to get a glut of french beans and peas in order to freeze some for winter use.

    Some things are impossible to do anything with other than give them away when you have too many, like hearting lettuces. Every single year I have a glut of lettuces, and every year I attempt successional sowing, and every year they all come ready at the same time anyway
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarzWix View Post
    Every single year I have a glut of lettuces, and every year I attempt successional sowing, and every year they all come ready at the same time anyway
    You have no idea how good that makes me feel.........
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    I don't count my chickens until they are hatched.

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    Chutneys....i make all sorts of combinations the best one I ever made (& got asked for the recipie loads of times) was at then end of the season with the courgettes I missed had turned into marrows and the last of the beans and whatever else was there, made a huge batch labelled it 'Allotment Chutney' it was delicious. Beetroot relish is a favourite with my daughter (she always takes a jar back to uni when she comes home) and picallilli is brilliant cause you can make it with more juice.
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    My friend has made the mistake of telling me she "loves courgettes" ...!
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    Will she still be your friend by the autumn or will she be hiding behind her curtains every time you come by?
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    Some of us live in the past, always talking about back then. Some of us live in the future, always planning what we are going to do. And, then there are those, who neither look behind or ahead, but just enjoy the moment of right now.

    Which one are you and is it how you want to be?

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    I figure gluts this year will be a thing of the past unless the sun starts to shine.
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