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Thread: Plum Gin

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    Two Sheds - I went in Lidl (nearest Aldi is miles away), but the cheapest they did was almost £10. I was shocked! Ended up paying £9 similar for Tesco's own brand. Want to make plum brandy next (have heard you can re-use gin soaked plums), so will keep my eye on Aldi and pre-stock.

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    I was told by a guy who has a business selling fruit gins (at the EGshow) that fruit like damsons, sloes ,plums if you use them from frozen you do not need to prick them as they break down as they defrost in the alcohol. Also stones left in are ok as long as the fruit is not sitting the alcohol for longer than about 3 months.
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    I always freeze my Sloes first - it started as I didn't have any Gin when I picked the Sloes, but I have continued to do it, as pricking a million Sloes is a booooooooooo-ooooooring and tedious job!
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